Andrea Desimone Architect is an architectural firm operating since 2001.

The team works in a national and european scenary for italian and foreign clients. The company is currently composed by the owner and partners selected for their skills, experience and enthusiasm. Our experience allows us to offer multidisciplinary skills.We are mainly involved in projects regarding both management and development of new buildings and the requalification of existing estates.Our team can provide a tailored advisory for real estate business taking into account metropolitan infrastructures planning, buildings design and project management, refurbishing and interior design. Here below a brief overview of our services.

Technical advisory:
  • business and investment planning
  • new design and refurbishing
  • project and construction management
  • energetic efficiency due diligence and advisory

Project activities

Integrated planning

  • Technical/economical/administrative feasibility studies
  • Reports and advisory about landscape impact
  • Concept design
  • Infrastructural and city planning
  • Integrated planning from preliminary phase to executive phase
  • Processing safety plans
  • Interior design, lighting design and landscape design

Project management

  • Project and management planning, technical support
  • Managing relationships with public administrations and bureaus to arrange approvals and authorizations
  • Preparation, commitment and management of assignments and tenders
  • Administrative assistance for authorization procedures and negotiations with parties

Construction management

  • Overall management of contractors
  • Timing, costs and quality control of the whole construction process
  • Work-security coordinator
  • Licences and relationships with public administration
  • Technical and administrative final testing
  • Assistance and support in disputes between stakeholders

Real Estate Marketing Assistance

  • Assistance and potential clients advisory
  • Tailored solutions design for clients
  • Advertising and market placement


Thanks to our skills we can support clients step by step, from investment planning until technical testing and marketing.

What make our company unique are our Italian design skills, already provided to international clients, especially in Europe and Russia. Our team is very reactive to reshape projects and design according to clients’ changes of mind or external influences.