Project Description

New construction | Interior Design




A walk through time. The main request was to design the external facades of a multifunctional building in Moscow, Russia. The already defined geometry presented a 300 m long facade which had to be designed to overcome the risk of a monolithic feel through an italian inspired architectural language. Our answer was to bring a brand new lifestyle, atmospheres, details and colors. Looking at the project with the people’s eyes, we tried to offer a peculiar identity to each building. An horizontal skyscraper composed by more than 30 different buildings with a retail gallery as a basement for historical towers and handpainted buildings. This project wanted to be a kind of Renaissance building site, where local and italian tradesmen met and exchanged ideas, and it was a change for the our firm and the costumers to try new technology, and constructive process.

client | private

construction period | 2014-2017

surface | 42.000 mq