Project Description

Renovation |Interio Design




The rufurbishment work consists in the re-use of a two floors rustic house currently used as a warehouse for agricultural vehicles and as a barn, connected to a three-storey residential building with the existing apartment on the second floor of the customer. The building face looking south and looks to the valley, it’s totally free from visual obstructions. For these morfological and environmental conditions, and noted that the building should be renovated, the project is oriented to an integration of the two buildings through a link between old and new home, that becomes the focus of the intervention implemented through:

  • Realization of a distribution system between the floors consists of two flights of stairs joined by an inclined walkway
  • Closure of the south side of the porch with a brick wall characterized by strong backward openings from the facade

The walkway , connecting with the second floor of the current , is the element that functionally and visually characterizes the expansion space. This sculptural volume research the continuity with the existing building’s history through the materials and shape, and it takes advantage as much as possible of the landscape, that becomes an integral part of interior furnishing through an highly recess large glass window which an internal balcony.

client | private

construction period | 2001-2003

surface | 825 mq