Project Description

New construction


School building / primary school


The inspiration for the project is the education in nature, a school in the woods characterized by wood, nature and light. The shape of the building dialogues with its bounderies and it respects the nature and urban spaces. The school is divided into two parts, the educational area and the gym. This spaces are connected by a courtyard that becames a square for the city with a panoramic stairway. The facade is marked by a wooden structure. It dialogues with the existing trees that create a natural protection for the school. The interior spaces wants to define a uniform area. The hall is the extention of the the square, the labs wants to be a part of common area and the library blends into auditorium on the first floor. Finally, the big windows of the classrooms allow natural light to illuminate the space and to welcome the seasonal changes.

client | pubblic

construction period | 2018

surface | 3.200 mq