Project Description



Commercial building | Showroom


Breaking down the walls to open a window to illuminate a part of the city leading to a new life. Recovering people, spaces and materials as a guideline for the project. Socialwood is a unique experience in Italy that promotes the re-integration of convicts through their creativity in a No Profit carpentry and design laboratory using recycled materials. It’s a coral project, shared by the prison administration, the promoters, our studio and convicts themselves. The project reuses of some spaces adjacent to the actual Alessandria’s prison, transforming a fragmented floorplan in an open space where laboratory and exposition areas are directly visible, promoting the openness towards the city. On the façade we decided to open again the existing central arc towards Piazza Don Amilcare Soria, while transforming the existing apertures in display windows. The intervention has been realized in self-construction, installing a new floating wooden floor using pallets, that the laboratory uses to build custom products.

client | Ises

construction perior | 2017-2018

surface | 90 mq