Project Description

New construction


Landscape Design | Wine Tasting

ONGOING | 2019

Concept design is a combination of suggestions earnings from territory and vineyard landscape. The material scopes of the project are in relation with the contest, such as oak barrels, infernot and vines, instead the sensory and poetic atmosphere results from wine perfume, landscape colors, tactility of the earth, light and climate. This is a symbolic project for our territory, because it deals with the agricultural issues of environmental sustainability, use of local materials and human dwelling. For this ragion, we chose to reuse the dig site earth in order to create 3D printed mono-material volumes. These organic-shaped volumes are made of earth and straw, and they are printed by italian 3d-printer, a unique technlogy in this world. The remaining and prized part of the earth covers the roof, that beacames green roof, and the 3D-printed spaces are enclosed into a wooden shell, like a barrel, with a panoramic view. Finally, this project wants to be a tribute to Monferrato by using its values like wood, earth, green, light, landscape and people.

client | private

construction period | 2019

surface | 400 mq