Project Description

Urban Renovation



PROJECT | 2018

The city of Novi Ligure offers a beautiful down town, that needs to be connected with an infrastructure system able to get it more attractive and viable. AD.a firm was given the task of designing a Masterplan for strategic public area of 60.000 square meters near down town, called Z3, to make it an interesting service facility and to improve the quality of life for the citizens. In essence, it is a project which proposes public spaces, and urban mobility without any change in people’s habits. The goal is to regenerate existing buildings, public spaces, and to build a multifunctionary building for public and private mobility. It is definided “green lung” beacuse it is an energy-efficence building, able to to prevent emissions of pollutants and noise produce by transport vehicles. As reguards mobility the intention is to promote pedestriansation schemes, foothpaths walkways and cycle routes.

client | pubblic

construction period | 2019

surface | 60.000 mq